Tuesday, 20 March 2007

TN : Antu Ninquen Syrah 2004, Vina Mont Gras, Colchagua; Chile

Initiated in 1997, MontGras’ Ninquén Project was born of an appreciation for the unique properties of the specific terroir on Ninquén Mountain in Chile’s Colchagua Valley, and an ambition to forge a name for MontGras in the elite ultra-premium category. 222 acres atop Ninquén were dedicated to the venture and planted with a range of red grape varieties. With this move, MontGras became Chile’s first winery to plant atop the plateau of a mountain (Ninquén means “plateau on a mountain” in ancient local dialect).
Taste : Concentrated, in Rhone Style, spoilt by burnt rubber taste on finish.

Alcohol : 14%

Mark : C

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