Monday, 19 March 2007

Scoring Systems

The scoring system I am using is loosely based upon what the 3 Wine Guys are using.

A : Exellent
B : A buy
C : Good wine but I wouldn't necessarily buy it
D : should pour it down the sink but can be drunk if nothing else available
E : Undrinkable

I don't understand the Parker and Decanter grading systems that don't start at zero. All I can guess is that they are afraid of giving bad scores since they will not get any wines to review or any invitations to wineries should they start this practice.

I like the 3 Wine Guys. If a wine is bad then they say it is bad. The show is great entertainment though the only thing of any real value is the great tasting notes/descriptions.

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3 Wine Guys said...

Terry here from the 3 Wine Guys. Just wanted to thank you for commenting on our letter grading system.