Thursday, 22 March 2007

Bordeaux Trip 2006, Vinorama

I was in Bordeaux for about a week during August 2006. One afternoon, I took a bus up the Quai des Chartrons and visited Vinorama at 12 cours du Medoc. It is a small wine museum. I was given a cassette player which had an English speaking tape lasting about 20 minutes. I walked through several exhibits of models playing out various scenes associated some way with wine. The visit cost me 5.40 Euro which was poor value in my opinion. There needs to be more exhibits and a much better soundtrack to accompany the tour. On the way out, I passed through a large cellar consisting of mostly forgetable Bordeaux though I did see Le Petit Mouton de Mouton Rothschild and Baron D'Arques at good prices. At the end, there is a comparative tasting of different wines made up to taste like wines from different eras. There is a wine representing an ancient liquer Roman times, a wine representing the 1850s and a modern wine (a cheap bland Bordeaux was poored).

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