Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Wine Mine Number 25, 1973

This magazine was published by Peter Dominic and priced at 15p in 1973. The magazine was published twice yearly from the summer of 1973 until this issue from whence it became an annual. This was the first issue to include colour (16 pages of photos from Italy). Peter Dominic was a chain of wine and spirit retailers in the UK (now defunct). It was started in  1939 by Paul Dauthieu (there was never a Peter Dominic) in Horsham. He sold his empire to International Distillers and Vintners in 1963 who preserved the trading name.

This magazine contains a number of small wine-related articles together with Peter Dominic's current price list. There are articles on Provencal drinks, being a wine buyer,the harvest at Chateau Monbousquet, wine-related columns about James Bond, the Les Gastronomes de la Mer Confrerie of the Loire, fun with wine glasses, touring around Italy, a vintage at Villa Gruenberg-Tiffany ora Newby, and the ever increasing prices rises of Bordeaux wines (nothing new there then !).

The price list makes for interesting reading. Mouton Cadet 1969 at 2.79 pounds, Chateau du Tetre 1970 at 5-7 pounds, Chateau Pavie-Macquin 1970 at 2.94 pounds, Chateau Leoville-Lascases 1967 at 8-10 pounds, and Chateau Pichon-Longueville-Lalande 1966 at 9-11 pounds (all price are per bottle). To contrast a bottle of Liebfraumilch Blue Nun  retailed at 1.55 pounds a bottle. A bargain was the Gran Sercial Solera 1835 Madeira from Blandy at only 3.43 pounds a bottle.

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