Friday, 10 August 2012

Weingut Wieninger, Stammersdorf, Vienna, Austria, July 12th 2012

This July I visited Weingut Wieninger at their, old and new, winery in Stammersdorf.

We were given a tasting of a number of wines by Bettina Koller who is in charge of export, marketing and sales. All of the wines were good to excellent. There wasn't a single wine that I wouldn't want to drink. Now, from the 2011 vintage, all of their wines are biodymanic Bettina stated that they export around 30% of their wines and aim for the quality end of the market with placings in high-end restaurants.

  • Wieninger Prickelnd Cuvee Katharina Rose Sekt 2008, 16,00 Euro, Mark : C+
  • Wiener Gemischter Satz 2011, 8,00 Euro, Mark : B-
  • Nussberg Alte Reben 2011, 17,20 Euro, Mark : B+
  • Rosengartl Alte Reben 2011, 21,50 Euro, Mark : A
  • Riesling Nussberg 2011, 14,50 Euro, Mark : A
  • Chardonnay Grand Select 2009, 34,00 Euro, Mark : A
  • Wiener Trilogie 2009, 11,50 Euro, Mark : B-

After the tasting we were met by Fritz Wieninger; the man behind the quality wine revival in Vienna. We had a tour of the current winery and the new winery, just up the road, which wasn't finished at the time of my visit but Fritz said that they are on schedule and should move in on the last week end at the end of August/beginning of September this year. Fritz, himself from Vienna, has been running the winery since 1987 when he took over from his parents.

Here are some pictures of the old winery :

This is the new winery :

Website : Weingut Wieninger

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