Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Book : Wine Snobbery, An Insiders Guide to the Booze Business

I picked up a copy of Wine Snobbery, An Insider's Guide to the Booze Business by Andrew Barr, Faber and Faber from Amazon UK secondhand for 0.01 pounds. This is a fascinating book full of anicdotes such as high yields and how this was viewed in Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Gemany over the centuries, the methanol scandal in Italy, value for money bland champagne, time wasting wine judging, and the rise and fall and rise again of Lafite. There is some repetition in thi sbook but overall I found every chapter to be packed with new and interesting information. It would be interesting to do a follow up and see just how much of what is said is still valid today. I can thoroughly recommend ot this book to anybody interested in wine and its history in modern times.

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