Monday, 6 June 2011

TN : Anselmann Dornfelder Trocken im Barrique gereift 2009, Weingut Werner Anselmann, Edesheimer Ordensgut, Deutscher Qualitaetswein, Pfalz, Germany

The vineyards and the cellars are looked after by Dipl. Ing agrar Gerd Anselmann. As of 2010, Anselmann owned 100 hectares of vineyards. The first records of Anselmann date back to 1126. The family crest nowadays used as estate logo was awarded to the family in 1541 and can be seen in the historical archives in Karlsruhe.

Colour : Dark purple

Aroma : Blackberry, cherry, vanilla, oak

Taste : Gobs of fruit smothered by oak, blackberry, cherry, oak, soft tannins, woody finish, overoaked, leave for 1-2 years to see if oak dies down and integrates

Alcohol : 14.5%

Price : 10,50 Euro (Eurotrade Flughafen Muenchen Duty Free 2011-05-20)

Mark : C+

Website : Weingut Anselmann

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