Monday, 27 June 2011

Book : Gallo Be Thy Name, Jerome Tuccille

This book dwells upon the dark untold story of the Gallo family. It first focuses on the Gallo brothers, Joe and Mike. Joe was the grower and Mike was the dark sheep with the underworld "connections". The mysterious deaths of Joe and his wife are then covered. The causes are still today unknown: maybe it was suicide, maybe it was mob connections, maybe some other reasons.

The lives of their sons Ernest, Julio, and Joe. The picture painted in the book is that Joe gets the deal and does not profit from the success of the company; rightly or wrongly, it is not possible to decide one or the other based upon the evidence presented in the book.

Joe's son, David, is covered. He is presented as a misfit. David also dies in mysterious circumstances; in bathtub.

The Gallos are really only presented in a positive light when discussing Gina and Matt and their Sonoma venture.

Book Details
Gallo Be Thy Name, The inside story of how one family rose to dominate the U.S. wine market, Jerome Tuccille, 2009, Phoenix Books, Inc

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