Thursday, 30 June 2011


My work colleague, Christer Johansson, has a vineyard and has now made his first wines, a red and a white. His brand is called itWine.

He has the following white grapes planted :

  • 20 plants Seyval Blanc planted in 2009
  • 20 plants Solaris planted in 2009
  • 20 plants Orion planted in 2009
  • 5 plants Phoenix planted in 2007

and the following red grapes planted :

  • 20 plants Fruh Bürgunder planted in 2009
  • 5 plants Rondo planted in 2007

This easter Christer and his children moved two rows of grapes. So now he changed to 2 metres spacing between the rows instead of 3. Thus he can now plant two extra rows. In these rows, he will plant Solaris (white) and Bolero (red), 20 plants in each row. The plants has been ordered from Germany but not yet received.

The 2010 red wine is a blend of Rondo and Früh Burgunder.

The 2010 white wine is a blend of Solaris, Seyval Blanc and Orion.

The alcohol level was around 13% for both. Christer added some sugar during the fermentation process for both wines since the sugar level was low in the grapes.

Christer's own comments on his wines are "My red wine from last year is still red. It is the white that has a little red color but not so much as rosé. The red does not taste so well almost undrinkable, but the white is rather good. I will bring bottles with me in June so you can taste."

My tasting notes are :

White Wine 2010
Colour : Pale yellow, orange hues
Aroma : Yeasty, green apples
Taste : Sour green cooking apples, acidic finish

Red Wine 2010

Colour : Bubblegum red (like a Beaujolais Nouveau)
Aroma : Plastic, red berries, chemicals, nail varnish
Taste : Plastic, nail varnish, sour red berries, chemicals, acidic

Both wines were bottles unfined and unfiltered.

Website : itWine
Website : itWine (Facebook)
Website : Christer Johansson


ciclope said...

Hi! I write to you from Colombia south america. I like the article about Christer Johansson and his wineyard. there are passion in the project. Sorry my english.
Carlos Suárez

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Hello again! I can not believe my blog is on your list of blogs. "El viñedo del Ciclope". Thank you very much.
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