Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Private imports of wine into Sweden

Importing wine into Sweden, what is allowed and what is not allowed isn't clear at all anymore.

Last Tuesday, 5th June, the European Court of Justice, based in Luxembourg, ruled that the importing of alcohol into Sweden by private individuals is not justified i.e. illegal !. This is good news and maybe a wake up call to the Swedish government that Sweden isn't supposed to be a communist country; people want freedom of choice and do not want to be dictated to. Come on Sweden !, if you want to be in the EU then you have to play by EU regulations.

The Swedish government have already issued a statement defending their beloved Systembolaget monopoly.

On Sunday, June 9th, Swedish customs stopped confiscating alcohol that is bought over the Internet. This week, the Swedish goverment is supposed to clarify how things will work and how taxes will be collected; a private internet buyer shouldn't be taxed twice within the EU.

Can I buy from an internet site in Sweden ?

Website : European Court slams Sweden's alcohol import ban
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Website : Swedish Customs lets online booze through

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