Friday, 13 July 2012

Weinbau und Heurigenschank Gsoels "Zum Berger", Grinzing, Vienna, Austria

I visited the Gsoels Huerigenschank in July this year (2012) and tried three wines :

Gruener Veltliner (1/4 litre) at 3,50 Euro
This was very acidic, very lemon, and tasted like a pot of white pepper had been poured into the glass.
Mark : C-

Grauer Burgunder Rose (1/8 litre) at 4,80 Euro
This was dry and had some berry fruit but was oxidised.
Mark : D

Che "Roesler" Trocken (1/8 litre), 12.5%, at 4,00 Euro
This had lots of cherry and plum flavour with some spice and black pepper
Mark : B-

Website : Weinbau und Heurigenschank Gsoels "Zum Berger"

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