Friday, 29 June 2012

Book : Grape-A-Hol

This book is written by Michael F. Spratt and Mark L. Feldman from Destuny Bay Vineyards in New Zeland. The book spends most of the time tryin to justify that we should be buying fine wines instead of grape-a-hol. Grape-A-Hol is fermented grape juice and alcohol: sounds like wine to me. I didn't get the point of this book really. Is it just Destiny Bay Wines complaining because they don't sell enough wine ? I Live in Sweden where all wine must be bought via the state controlled monopoly yet I have good access to a decent collection of good wines. Sure, the Systembolaget sell a lot of wines which are one-dimensional and no character but nearly all of them are drinkable and cheap so what is the problem. This book seems to be addressing a very small sector of the population who just like to drink wine which tastes ok. The want to pay an affordable price and it should taste ok. The reason people buy Grape-A-Hol instead of fine wine is the price; they can't afford to buy fine wine. Sorry guys, if you want people to buy fine wine then it has to be cheaper. What is fine wine anyway. The usual propoganda is used to describe fine wine in this book i.e. must come from one place, must be from a small producer etc etc. Who cares; fine wine is a wine that the drinker thinks is very good - it is a simple as that.

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