Sunday, 31 July 2011

TN : Balavaud Grand Cru Pinot Noir 2009, Appellation Vetroz Grand Cru Controlee, Jean-Rene Germanier SA, Valais, Switzerland

The vines used to produce the grapes for this wine are planted on alluvial soil and shingle soil. The grapes are unclustered and the skins are left in the juice during extended fermentation. The wine are lightly pressured. The wines undergo a second fermentation and removing of carbon dioxide. Extracts and tannins are concentrated by must extraction (20%) before fermentation. The acidity is 4.4 grammes per litre.

Urbain Germanier planted his first vineyards and founded the winery in 1886. Today two young oenologists from the 3rd and 4th generations, Jean-René Germanier and Gilles Besse produce the wines.

Colour : Raspberry red, brown hues

Aroma : Raspberry, strawberry, oak, vanilla

Taste : Strawberry, raspberry, coca cola, spice, oak

Alcohol : 13%

Price : 21.90 CHF (Duty Free Paradise tax free shop Geneva airport)

Mark : B-

Website : Jean-Rene Germanier SA

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Anonymous said...

Hi I just happen to open (23/08/2015) two bottles (2012 and 2013 respectively) of this pinot noir Balavaud grand cru by Rene Germanier. both are a great disappointment: very alcoholic taste and aroma, no body, passed out... bought them at the duty free upon arrival a Zurich airport. never again. have a great day...