Saturday, 31 July 2010

TN : Changyu Dry Red Wine, China

I could find no markings on either the front or back label to tell me what vintage this was or what grapes were used to produce this wine. This wine tasted like an average Bordeaux in a poor year.

Although the history of grape planting and wine making in China dates back to the Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD), the industrialized production of wine was started by ChangYu byMr. Chang Bishi.

In recognition of its great contribution to the development of global wine-making, Yantai City, ChangYu's hometown, is the only city in China to be honored with the title of “International Vine and Wine City”.

Colour : Dark plum

Aroma : Oak, blackcurrants, plum, burnt toast

Taste : Green, toast, plum, blackcurrant

Alcohol : 12%

Mark : C-

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Anonymous said...

This was one of the most awful wines i have ever had. Burnt rubber and very unripe. I have been told it is made from Syrah grapes but who knows.