Saturday, 31 July 2010

TN : Albia Rose 2009, IGT, Barone Ricasoli, Tuscany, Italy

After a mild winter, spring set off with quite rigid temperatures but they gradually rose as the season wore on with peaks over 30 degrees at the end of May 2009, also rainfall was stable around 200mm. The summer was characterized by very hot days especially during the early hours in the afternoon during the months of July and August with temperatures often over 35 degrees. The rainfall, never heavy and without hail, was concentrated during the months of June and July. Towards the end of summer, from the 15th to the 20th of September, a continuous rainfall refreshed the soil that was very dry due to a long period without rain. Autumn was initially mild and dry, with a brisk fall in temperature, even down to 10°C; during the same period the rainfall intensified. The heavy spring and winter rains created a good water reserve allowing the plants to regularly carry out all of their growth phases. Despite the strong heat which had characterized the months of July and August, the mid-September rains and the lower temperatures, permitted the phenol ripening to be end. Merlot grapes were harvested from August 26th to September 15th and Sangiovese was picked from October 10th to October 20th.

The wine is a blend of Sangiovese and Merlot. Fermentation temperature was between 11 and 16 degrees and the wine was aged in stainless steel vats. The wine was bottled in mid-January 2010.

This wine was sealed with a screwcap.

Colour : Pink strawberry

Aroma : Vanilla, strawberry, grapefruit

Taste : Grapefruit, strawberry, herbs, spritzy

Alcohol : 12.5%

Price : 89 SEK

Mark : B-

Website : Barone Ricasoli

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