Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Yapp Brothers New Website

Matt Sawyer, the Search Marketing Manager at Datadial Ltd in the UK, asked me to review the new website by Yapp Brothers. Matt is working together with Yapp Brothers to announce the new website. My main recollections are of Yapp Brother being a major Rhone specialist. Today, Yapp Brothers deal with Australia, the Rhone, Alsace, Chablis, Champagne, Languedoc-Roussillon, Loire, Midi, and Provence. Also sold are olive oil, liqueurs and vinegars.

The website contains a number of features :

  • Current wine offers
  • A good range of older vintages
  • Wine search based on colour, style, price, and grape variety
  • Advanced wine search where one can add geographic information, vigneron, vintage, bottle size, and even organic where I assume this means organically grown grapes though this is not stated
  • Newsletter subscription
  • List of restaurants where the wines can be found though not which wines are available at which restaurant
  • Wine subscription service where you subscribe and have wines regularly sent to you though it is not possible to set which preferences you might have
  • An excellent wine and food matching service
Overall I was a bit disappointed with the number of wines offered and was expecting more. Detailed tasting notes were provided for each wine, which I really liked, though only in PDF format. There was some educational information but it was difficult to locate and pull together. Searching for wine was quick and easy. Navigating required far too many "click-throughs" though which gets a bit tiresome at times. Wines are delivered through the UK and Ireland.

Website : Yapp Brothers


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