Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Wine and Symbian OS

A couple of months ago I bought "The Symbian OS Architecture Sourcebook" by Ben Morris. Symbian OS is what powers most Smartphones (example manufacturers being Sony Ericsson, Nokia, and Motorola). Ben is a freelance writer and system and product architect focusing on Symbian OS.

When not using, thinking or writing about software, Ben likes to write about wine and vines. He owns a small vineyard (less than one hectare) that he is restoring to production in Alba, Piemonte, Italy, at Google Earth 44 38.01 N 8 8.850 E or thereabouts.

Ben spends most of his time in London but is flying quite a lot, Ryanair, to Italy. He is also studying on a Wine Production part time course at Plumpton College in the UK. He has written an article for the UKVA's magazine around a Plumpton trip to the Vintech Expo in Bordeaux.

Last year, Ben made around 60 litres of Dolcetto and Barbera from old vines. This year, his aim was to make 200 to 300 litres. The summer in Alba was good this year; around the mid 30 degrees earlier and then consistently warm, mid 20 degrees. Some of the young vines, "Barbatelles", planted this year were lost to heat though some could come back. There were a couple of days of rain in August and a hailstorm with stones the size of cherries.

Website : Ben Morris

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zach said...

Computers and wine. Nice. We like that sort of stuff here at Triggit