Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Falcon Crest

Falcon Crest is the name of a soap opera from the 1980s that is based around a power struggle between two families, the Giobertis and the Channings. The two main characters are Angela Channing and Chase Gioberti though a third power, Richard Channing, enters the scene in the second series. It is centred around a winery called Falcon Crest. Currently only the first two series are available on DVD. The third series is rumored to be released in 2012.

The first series focuses on the mystery surrounding the death of Jason Gioberti who is Angela's brother and Chase's father. Chase seems to spend all his energy on getting the vineyard property he inherited going and Angela spends all her energy on trying to make Chase and his family leave the fictional Tuscany Valley. In the end, Chase finds out in court, via Emma (Angela's daughter) that it was all an accident. Chase ends up with total control of Falcon Crest but unrealistically gives 50% back to Angela.

The second series focuses on the death of Carlo Agretti and his daughter's forced marriage to Angela's grandson, Lance. Chase's son, Cole, is suspected of the murder right up to the last episode when it is revealed that Angela's daughter, Julia, killed Carlo and tried to frame Cole.

I found the series to be much better than Dallas or Dynasty in that there was a story line running through all the episodes. The actual setting for Falcon Crest was Spring Mountain Vineyards in Saint Helena.

I also bought the book thinking that the series was based upon it but it turned out to be a just a  telling of the first two television series.

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