Sunday, 18 September 2011

Cave & Domaine Les Perrieres Visit July 2011, Peissy, Geneva, Switzerland

We visited Cave & Domaine Les Perrieres on July 14th 2011. We took the train from Geneva to Satigny and were picked up from the station and driven to the winery in the company van. The winery and estates have been owned by the Rochaix family for nearly 200 years and present day, eight generation, owner Bernard Rochaix came out to greet us when we arrived. Today, the winery works 82 hectares of which 16 are owned by the domaine. The winemaker is Sebastien Schwarz.

We tried several wines of which we bought three (see separate blog posts). Of the others, my impressions were :

  • Chasselas : Fruity glugger, Mark : C
  • Aligote : Almonds, very dry yet fruity, Mark : C
  • Gamaret : Rustic, fruity, smooth tannins, Mark : B-
  • Muscat : Sweet, fruity, cutting acidity on a long finish

On the whole, the wines were very good and exceptional value for what seemed to be low prices.

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