Monday, 4 October 2010

Book : Wine Drinking for Inspired Thinking

Wine Drinking for Inspired Thinking is subtitled "Uncork Your Creative Juices" and is written by Michael J. Gelb.

The book consists of basically three parts. The first part is all about saying that when drinking wine one should activate the right part of one's brain. No reason is given or any examples why this makes one more creative.

The third part says that whilst drinking wine then one should write poetry. Again I am not clear how this makes anyone more creative.

The second part is the best and the part that I thoroughly enjoyed and made me happy that I had purchased this book. It discusses wine drinking in three different eras; the Greeks, the Renaissance, and the founding of America,

This book contains lots of interesting facts and small items all the way through. The quotes are exceptionally poignant as is the humour littered throughout.

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