Tuesday, 21 July 2009

TN : Saile and Sabga Connoissseur Merlot, Vin dePays d'Oc, France

I had this wine on a RyanAir flight from Stockholm to Amsterdam on Sunday and on the return yesterday. It was either this or a Chardonnay (also by Saile and Sabga). I was put off the Chardonnay due to a neighbour complaining that his beer was hot: however, I had to drink something so a second bottle of red was drunk on my return journey !. The wine was bottled under srewcap.

This wine was boring, uninteresting, and over-priced.

Price : 6 Euro (Ryan in-flight, 18.7 centilitre bottle)

Alcohol : 13%

Mark : C-

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Anonymous said...

Ryanair do not fly to Amsterdam actually