Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Book : The Great Wine Swindle by Malcolm Gluck

This book covers what is wrong with today's wine scene. Topic covered include supermarkets, restaurants, wine shows, wine writers, high alcohol wines, organic wines, and wine guides.

On the whole this book was quite enjoyable. It had its irritating parts though. There were some inaccuracies. Malcolm Gluck comes across as being bitter towards other wine writers which is a bit tiring. He also fails to name names etc in a lot of cases. I did enjoy his "dig" at Raymond Blanc though. He complains about the language of wine reviews but his own published comments on 2003 Burgundies suffer the same maladies that he himself complains about.

I wonder who this book is aimed for since the wine fan will know most of the content already and it is too detailed for a novice who will lose interest.

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