Thursday, 21 May 2009

TN : Leonardo Rosato 2008, IGT, Cantine Leonardo da Vinci, Tuscany, Italy

The Cantine was established in 1961. It is situated 5 km from the birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci. The Cantine, today, consists of 160 members.

The grape varieties used are Sangiovese and Trebbiano. Two types of vinification were used in the production of the wine : soft pressing of the grapes, using pneumatic presses, whose juice is sent for fermentation at 17-19 degrees in temperature controlled containers; in addition, the pomace is left to macerate in the same juice for a brief period, approximately 12 hours, and afterward spart or all of the liquid obtained is drawn off. The must is fermented at a low temperature in the same temperature-controlled tanks.

This wine was sealed with a screwcap.

Colour : Light raspberry

Aroma : Raspberry, herbs, blackcurrant

Taste : Fruity, raspberry, herbs, blackcurrant, dry

Alcohol : 12%

Price : 87 SEK

Mark : C

Website : Cantine Leonardo da Vinci

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