Thursday, 14 August 2008

Temperature in Systembolaget Wine Stores

There was a recent posting on the Decanter website regarding temperature that fine wine is stored at. I buy most of my wine at Regeringsgatan which is the top wine store in Sweden and notice that the temperature in the store is over 20 and can be warmer. A lot of fine wine is sitting at this temperature for over a year in some cases.

I asked customer service at Systembolaget why temperature control isn't practised in their stores and this was their reply :

Unfortunately it is not possible for our shops to keep the temperature as cool as would be best for the high end wines, especially in the summer. On the other hand the bottles on our shelves are not supposed to stay there for too long, though some wines do not sell as much as others. In the shop in Regeringsgatan we also have a wine cellar that keeps a more suitable temperature for the more expensive and delicate wines.

Website : Top stores keep wine too warm

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