Thursday, 14 August 2008

Floyd Uncorked, Two DVD Boxset, The Keith Floyd Cookery Collection

This series was made in conjunction with Jonathan Pedley MW and was screened on Channel 5 in 1998. Each episode sees the pair in a region of France. They discuss the types of wines found their and Keith cooks up a feast focusing on local ingredients and recipes.

Their was even a spinoff video produced complete with wine to taste.

There are eight episodes : Burgundy, Loire, Rhone, Bordeaux, Alsace, Provence, Languedoc, and Champagne.

This is a Region 0 PAL DVD and lasts 200 minutes.

I bought my copy from Amazon UK for a cost of 8.98 pounds plus postage.

Website : Delta Leisure Group
Website : Floyd Uncorked Blog
Website : Keith Floyd's Official Website
Website : Floyd's France : An Adventure in Wine Tasting


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