Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Dina Vingårdar

Dina Vingårdar are now making available, to wine lovers in Sweden, 3D Wines' rent a row of vines offer.

It costs 1180 SEK to rent a row of vines for the year then you have the opportunity to buy up to 4 cases of wines; the minimum if one case. They have a large selection of vineyards across France from which to choose from. You can change vineyards each year. This year the cost of a case of wine was 870 SEK. If you don't choose one of the special wines then you get a present card for 310 SEK. You can pick up the wine from the vineyard or have it delivered to you but you have to pay the freight charges. I have asked twice for how much extra this would be but have not received any satisfactory answer as yet.

Website : Dina Vingårdar
Website : 3D Wines

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