Thursday, 13 September 2007

Halmstad 700 Years Centenary Celebration Champagne

If you live in Halmstad then you probably know that your town is celebrating its 700 year anniversary this year. There is now a special champagne launched to celebrate with. It is available at bars in Halmstad and can be ordered from the Halmstad branch of the Systembolaget. The order number is 500056-09 and is available as a pack of three wines - each costing 249 SEK.

The blend of the Champagne Halmstad 700 Brut Premier Cru is 25% Pinot Noir, 60% Pinot Meunier, and 15% Chardonnay. It is produced by Champagne Cl. de la Chapelle.

The wine is imported by ChampagneHuset.

Website : Halmstad 700 years
Website : Halmstad 700 years Brut Champagne
Website : ChampagneHuset

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