Friday, 14 September 2007

Chateau Lynch-Bages Visit 2007

This August I was in Bordeaux for week and visited Chateau Lynch-Bages. Getting there was very easy. Take the Bus 705 from Bordeaux and the stop is called Bages. The journey is quite long but once you get outside the city suburbs, the scenery is great if you are a wine lover.

The tour cost 5 Euro per person. We didn't get to go out in the vineyards but we got to taste the 2001 vintages of Lynch-Bages and their second wine, Haut-Bages Averous. This wine is named because the chateau once belonged to the family Averous. The grand vin was superb but I thought the second wine lacked concentration. The guide said it was vinified identically to the grand vin but the vines were much younger which would explain the lack of concentration. A white wine is also produced but this wasn't available for tasting due to the limited production.

The old winery still exists and has been extended for the modern facilities.

There was a modern art exhibition containing paintings by artist Guenther Foerg but it wasn't my cup of tea and I didn't feel the paintings fitted into the setting.

Once the tour had finished, we went to, the nearby, Cafe-Restaurant Lavinal which was very good but the patisserie was unfortunately closed.

There was a wine shop where one could purchase wines produced by the Cazes family all over the world but I felt the prices were higher than one could find in Bordeaux. There was also a selection of books for sale but these can be purchased much cheaper using Amazon for instance.

Website : Chateau Lynch-Bages


Anonymous said...
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Grant Dodd said...

Hey Andy, loving the pictures. It's a great blog. Have you ever made it down to Sth Africa? I see a ton of SA wines reviewed but no pics ( so far) of wine travels in the Cape.

If you ever do, drop me a line, would love to show you around Haskell Vineyards/Dombeya.

All the best