Tuesday, 18 January 2011

TN : Trapiche Single Vineyard Malbec Vina Fausto Orellana 2005, La Consulta, Mendoza, Argentina

This wine is 100% Malbec. The grapes for this wine come from the La Consulta vinyard in San Carlos, Mendoza. The grapes are grown at an altitude of 990 meters above sea level and the vineyard is located at a latitude of 33º49’134’’ South. The age of the vineyard is 57 years. The row orientation is North to South. The trellis system used is low espalier. The vines are planted at a density of 5000 vines per hectare. The yield was 2600 kg per hectare. Furrow irrigation was used and the vines are planted on their own roots. The vineyard soil is alluvial, sandy soil with pebbles throughout.

The grapes were hand harvested into 20 kg plastic cases. Fermentation and maceration took place in in small concrete vats for a minimum of 23 days at 23-25ºC. Natural malolactic fermentation occured. Finally, the wine was aged 18 months in new French oak barrels. The total acidity is 6.15 grammes per litre and the pH is 3.56.

Colour : Dark blackberry

Aroma : Plums, spice, oak, blackberry, herbs

Taste : Blackberry, plums, spice on finish, herbs, violets

Alcohol : 14.5%

Price : 245 SEK

Mark : A-

Website : Trapiche

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