Thursday, 16 April 2009

Growing Wine in Stockholm

I was interested to read about Erik Rudhe who has planted wine grapes in Tynningö in the outskirts of Stockholm. I, myself, am considering planting some grapes on a trial basis in my front garden in Tyresö (suburb of Stockholm); probably Solaris as this is available from Gutevin and may do well. Erik is a lawyer who became a winemaker in his old age. Erik has been, for the last 23 years, busy cultivating grapes on Tynningö which lies between Värmdö and Vaxholm.

Erik started in 1985 on becoming a pensioner. He had a friend who was working in Bordeaux. Erik asked him if he thought he could grow grapes on Tynningö and his friend replied yes. This encouraged Erik and things began. Where Erik grows grapes is favourable, he has them on steep walls. Whilst there is frost elsewhere, the heat from the sea rises and protects his grapes. Both white and black grapes are grown. Amongst the many grape varieties that he grows are Chardonnay, Muller Thurgau, and Pinot Noir. He also cultivates Muscat of Alexandria. One of his wines is named Milchbutter Badstube; the name alludes to the German Mosel wine Bernkasteler Badstube. Erik normally bottles about 30 bottles each year but this can double in a really good year.

Website : Vinodlaren Tynningö