Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Book : Wine by Andre Domine

The 2008 version of Wine by Andre Domine is a new completely revised edition. It weighs in at a mighty 900 pages. It was published by Ullmann Publishing in August 2008.

The book is a very good wine companion. There is something in the book for almost everybody. The book mainly focuses upon areas of the world and their wine producers and wines. North and South America, and Australia are given poor coverage whilst Europe is covered in depth including England and Wales, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. France gets 20% of the book with Italy and Spain getting about 10-15% each.

There are also good sections on wine and health, the chemical composition of wine, the history of wine, and wine and food pairing. For the wine knowledgeable then such subjects such as integrated pest management, barrel management, and vineyard management are covered; even esoteric subjects such as the manufacture of wine bottles are given the in-depth treatment.

I can thoroughly recommend this book both for beginners and experts alike.

The book can be purchased at Amazon online :

Website : Ullmann Publishing