Thursday, 17 January 2008

The Wine of Frederic Magnien, Grape Radio Show Number 185

I just sent in some comments on the latest show posted up on Grape Radio :

Great show; though Pinot yet again !

Interesting conversation about terroir and winemakers. I think all winemakers obliterate the terroir no matter what they do e.g. even the simplest things such as choosing to cool the must down (and to what temperature) affects the expression of terroir. Don't forget the role of viticulture in obliterating terroir. How many vineyards have you seen where the grapes grow wild ? All things such as fertilisers, trellising, canopy management, disease management, when to pick, etc, all effect (obliterate ??) the expression of terroir. Let's face it, if there is a bad year where there is an large outbreak of at least one form of "bad" rot then surely the best expression of the terroir would be to include all those rotten grapes (and bottle it in a magnum for Jay :-)

I am not sure that I agree with the comment that the winemaker has a duty to let the wine reflect the vintage though. Let's say in 2004, a winemaker produces a stunning wine that I really like. If in 2005, he decides to do his best to let the finished wine reflect the vintage then he/she may produce a wine that i don't like as much as the 2004. In this case, I would have preferred the winemaker to work some magic and produce another 2004 again.

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